Vertical cabin door

For passenger and goods lifts

VKT vertical cabin door has been designed for passenger and goods lifts with revolving doors; for both retrofitting as well as for initial installation.

VKT combines minimal space requirements with a robust design and simple installation.


  • Minimal space required while maintaining full cabin-entrance width
  • Cabin floor: no modifications necessary
  • Regulated door drive, self-learning without limit switches, with reversing compliant to EN
  • No light curtain, door activates only when shaft door closes
  • Weight reduced by up to around 45% through aluminium door panels
  • Variable door speed, adjustable acceleration and time lag
  • Simple electrical installation with no extra hanging cable
  • Easy assembly, complete package comprised of 7 main elements with integrated assembly aids
  • Safety report from TÜV Süd


  • Door panels powder coated, covered with stainless steel, complete stainless or aluminium
  • Mechanical retiring cam
  • In IP54 or EX (explosion-proof) available
  • Single-sided counterweight, reduces space-requirement to 52 mm on one side
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