Miscellaneous Furnishings

With Schmidt Aufzüge Medebach, you also have a wide selection of options for your furnishing requirements. We can provide side walls with mirrors, either over the handrail or full length. We can also integrate illuminated showcases into your elevator – an interesting option for hotels or company buildings.
Side walls can also be provided with protection made of wood, stainless steel or plastic - this last option is also suitable for the food industry. And if you need a phone with or without a cover, a card reader for access control or load measurement systems and floor space monitoring, Schmidt Aufzüge Medebach can meet your requirements.

We are happy to implement a wide range of other furnishing options for you – just ask us.


Handrails provide safe support in elevators. We can offer you standard handrails in rounded stainless steel (40 mm diameter) with straight or rounded ends to satisfy both functional requirements and your aesthetic demands. Alternatively, we can furnish your elevator with attractive handrails made of wood with stainless steel.

Folding Seats

We also provide folding seats so your lift passengers can ride in comfort. They come in versions made completely of  stainless steel or with padded seats, and can either be mounted to the wall or set in a wall niche.