Miscellaneous Furnishings

With Schmidt Aufzüge Medebach you also have a wide range of other equipment options. We attach mirrors to side walls, either above the handrail or room-high. On request, we can integrate showcases with lighting into the elevator - an option that is particularly interesting for hotels or commercial buildings.
A ram protection on the side walls is also possible, optionally made of wood, stainless steel or plastic, which is also suitable for the food industry. If you need telephone niches with or without flaps, card readers for access control or load measuring systems and footwell monitoring in your lift, Schmidt Aufzüge Medebach is your partner.

We are also happy to implement many other equipment options for you on request - please contact us!


Handrails provide safe support in elevators. To meet your aesthetic requirements as well as these functional components, we offer standard handrails in round stainless steel (diameter 40 mm) with straight or rounded ends. Alternatively, we will be happy to equip your lift with attractive wooden handrails with stainless steel.

Folding seats

We also offer folding seats for comfortable transport in lifts. They are made entirely of stainless steel or with an upholstered seat and are either mounted on the wall or recessed in a wall niche.