Freight Elevators

We move your loads!

We have an impressive and extensive range of products. Our range of products extends from elevators for small goods to freight elevators for automobiles right through to heavy-load elevators. Our elevators, proven in use a thousand times over, are exposed to substantial loads daily in storage and production applications. A robust, rugged design is essential in such environments. With our flexible production technologies, we guarantee you not only precision and speed, but also a high degree of customisation.

Nothing is too tough for us in terms of freight elevator demands – we can offer you elevator installations with payloads up to 50,000 kg and with cabin dimensions up to 8m x 25m x 5m (W x D x H). We can offer elevators for heavy duty operation and elevator installations for the automotive industry, of which we have already installed more than 600. We can of course also implement specific requirements with respect to cabin furnishings, like skylights or integrated ladders. All elevators are optimally designed for freight operation, and include features like suitable flooring with teardrop or corrugated anti-slip plates. Our elevator systems are just right for your freight.

An overview of your benefits with freight lifts from Schmidt Aufzüge Medebach:

  • For heavy duty operation with forklift loading
  • Payloads up to 50,000 kg
  • Cabin dimensions up to 8m x 25m x 5m (W x D x H)
  • Lift installations for the automobile industry
  • Automobile lifts
  • Truck lifts
  • Cabin furnishings including skylights, integrated ladders, cage seats, traffic lights, anteroom monitoring systems, load measurement sensors in the floor, etc.
  • Flooring for the heaviest loads made of teardrop/corrugated plates, stainless steel, galvanized or steel sheets
  • Cabin doors in heavy-duty design
  • Shaft doors in heavy-duty design, lift gate or rolling door alternatives possible
  • Lifts for the food industry made from all stainless steel or galvanized
  • Almost any special design possible: water drainage (cleaning), running rails under car ceiling, etc.
  • Radio control or automated control of the systems